It is time to experience education at another level.

My Little Garden

A project-based learning experience that focuses on life-values. At first sight, it looks like just a gardening or a growing kit but it is way more than that.

It is a complete learning experience with eBooks, Videos, and Tutoring that will use nature as a tool to inspire a new generation to make the world a better place.

This product comes with a manual written to parents to guide children on creating a fantastic learning experience. With this growing your child will learn:
By the observation of nature, we will learn how to be mindful and train our minds to have ideas and see things from different angles and perspectives.
When we take care of a plant or a pet we learn what does it mean to be responsible. This is a wonderful experience to experience and feels responsible for something meaningful.
It is impossible to put a seed in the ground today and harvest the lunch for tomorrow.
In times where social media and instant gratification are intense and addictive, to learn how to wait can make a huge difference de develop an extremely important life skill.
Another life skills you and your children will develop with this gardening experience:
“The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability.” — Charles Darwin.
To know the right amount
Friends and plants have something in common: they have problems when we give them too much or too little. To a friend, too much or too little attention can be a problem. To plants, too much water or too little water is also a problem. Let's find the balance.

There is a simple mind-blowing fact hidden on nature: Infinite potential.

If we learn and inspire the leaders of the future to invest more in growing food than making guns, probably we will have enough to share and create prosperity to al living beings.