A fantastic project-based learning product. My Little Garden comes with:


  • - a manual that was created to guide parents to teach life-values to kids by the gardening activity
  • - a growing kit that contains:

             - 25 kg of Takumi Organic Supersoil

             - 1 geotextile round bag with 60 cm diameter

             - 1 kg of Organic Fertilizer Takumi

             - 1 kg of Seedling Soil

             - 1 Tray with 100 holes to sprouts and seedling.

  • - a eBook with tutorial that guide children and familie on growing the vegetables.


FREE SEEDS. WIth this kit we also give free seeds for kids to start growing their own vegetables.

My Little Garden - Round Set (60 cm)

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Color: Grey
  • We are going to update more information about the soil here soon.

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