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It’s time to learn with nature and bring another perspective on education.


The Little Urban Farm introduces Light and Darkness Summer Camp.

The ultimate play-based and problem-solving summer camp experience focusing on understanding the balance between light and darkness.

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Science and sensibility in one summer camp.
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Example of different light spectrums effect on growing lettuce.
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Different light spectrums affect plants developments. Let's learn with nature.
Join our Light and Darkness Summer Camp now.

Like plants, we need to be in the right environment to sprout. Education is a tool for us to find the balance between light and darkness to bloom.

Let’s give the kids the best experience we can: a summer camp with fun, science, and sensibility. Using light, darkness, and colors to do scientific experiments, we will learn about physics, mathematics, art, colors, biology, and humans emotions.

An extraordinary Summer Camp. Play-based activities, games, and problem-solving challenges designed for kids to have fun and learn like no other camp in the world. We will talk about light, darkness, plant development related to light, and also human emotions.

We will study and understand different spectrums of light, see how different colors can interact; we will also explore how one full spectrum of can light can be divided. We are going to address subjects such as inclusion and diversity. How to respect and learn from different cultures to create worldwide harmony? In other words, we can learn a lot of nature, and we will do this in a really fun way.

As The Little Urban Farm is going to launch Urban Garden sets soon, we are also going to do biology experiments; for example, we will cultivate plants with different lights. What is the difference between a plant that grows receiving full light from the sun from indoors light? What is the difference in the plant development if the plant receives only a blue, a red or a purple light spectrum?

We are open to pre-registration. All the students that want to join our camp need to pass to an interview. We also have programs of scholarship to kids who can’t afford our program; please message us. This year we will include more village kids and guarantee that high quality and meaningful education is not a privilege of people who can afford it.

This camp is going to happen in July 2020 in Chiang Mai; we do not accept more than 30%of the students form the same country. This camp is going to be in English. We are receiving requests from schools all over the world looking for our activities. Message us if you want to know more about our programs.

Dates, prices, and additional information about this and other camps are going to be updated soon. We have a limited number of seats to this life-experience summer camp. 

The Little Urban Farm Team.

This is the lettuce our team grows to Michelin Star Hotels from Bangkok.