This archaic system we call the “education system” does not work anymore.

At least for open-minded people who understand that the world is changing in a way this "old-school" system is getting more and more obsolete. A lot of academic institutions are trapped in curriculum obligations that are no longer relevant or meaningful to the lives of their students.

Can we bring education to the next level? Yes, this is what we are doing.

We are using nature as a tool to inspire the kids and families something that is vital and essential:

to love to learn and share.

If you are a parent or an adult today, you didn't grow up in a world where the technology was like it is today. A few years ago, to study in a university was important because of the information you could only find in a library, or with a professor or with the friends, connection and network that the university campus was providing us.

Today, this is different.  Anyone in the world can access more information that any Harvard or Standford student could 20 years ago. The connections? Well, with the internet we can reach professors from Mexico, Japan, or South Africa in a matter of minutes.

This understanding is the inspiration for us to create our own education project based on something much more relevant than academics. We focus on what really matters for people to learn how to create an extraordinary life.

We focus on life values. Compassion, honesty, Self-confidence, Respect, Creativity, Curiosity, Trust and much more than that. These are the important things all of us should be learning because this is what makes a difference in life.

If somehow you agree with our vision, get in touch with us.

We are a community with an open door to everyone who believes that it's possible to co-create a better world together. We want you to connect with us and help us to bring education to the next level.

We use problem-solving and play-based mindsets on our programs, this is why our activities are extremely fun and unforgettable. Sometimes it may appear that kids are just playing around, but more and more parents are having that "a-ha" moment. They are understanding how deep and meaningful our programs are.

We are just inspiring people to create a meaningful existence.

This is our












The Little Urban Farm

another perspective on education.

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