This planter is meant to be set on the floor for kids to work easily, or on a table for adults. Water will drain out, especially the first week, make sure this doesn’t bother you.


Reclaimed wood (HT pallet wood, chemical free), is the best compromise between sturdiness, cost and workability

. Dimensions:

87cm long, 36cm wide, 32.4cm deep 

. Soil packs

Typically rain tree soil mix + 2.5kg organic soil booster.  We’ll provide other elements to mix in depending on the plants you wish to grow and your home/balcony situation

. Seed packs:

Organic seed packs, 5 herbs/veggies. We’ll suggest you a selection to choose from after learning more about your own home/balcony situation


Estimated longevity: ~2 years


Extra online tutorials and consulting available 

Extra soil and seed refill packs available

Fresh herbs/veggies available on demand

Extra sun screen available if your balcony gets too much wind and sunlight


Grow’s homemade learning single planter

  • delivery at your door in central Bangkok only, contact us for a quote to deliver elsewhere

    . delivery typically on Mondays unless agreed otherwise by email

    . we’ll get as close as your door as possible, some condominiums and estates have restrictions, please do arrange pickup at the gate if this applies

    . 2h online video support: three times 40 minutes with our landscape architect on video chat, using the Zoom application. These are group sessions where all invited members can ask questions, including about other plants you may have. We’ll follow on your gardening progress.  By appointment only, on our scheduled times, typically Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am.

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