What's permaculture?

What is The Little Urban Farm?

The Little Urban Farm is an organization offering courses, trainings, and design based in permaculture, sustainability, and green design. We focus on:

  • Permaculture Design
  • Green Architecture
  • Children's Permaculture
  • Urban Permaculture

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natural pizza oven course chiang mai permaculture

Natural Pizza Oven Course

Learn the essentials of natural building in this 2 day workshop. Perfect for adults and children, beginners to intermediate students.

Permaculture Course Chiang Mai Thailand.016

Children's Permaculture Course

A fun and hands-on course for children age 6 to 16. Projects vary. This is a fun and educational experience.

permaculture design services gardening thailand asia consulting

Urban Permaculture Course

Get into the applied theory of permaculture in this weekend course. Providing a foundation in theory and completing applied projects in an urban setting. Perfect for all levels.

Building Boots Renovations Cement Mud Bricks

Natural Building Course

This course focuses on building. Participate in an applied project and learn permaculture design and hands-on construction. Accessible to all levels; project vary.

Feedback From Participants

"The workshop on natural soap was amazing! Every detail was worked out, I have a ton of new information and I met great people. This project, the little urban farm, deserves every support it can get because this is the future. Thank you Gui and Pai!!"
Lisa Deneve
Course Participant
"Such an enthusiastic and inspiring group of young people truly making a difference....! They put so much positive energy into their projects it is impossible not to get infected with the green virus!
Esther Landa
Parent of Course Participant